Tips on How to Write a Statement of Intent

Content of Statement of Intent Examples:

A good letter of intent proficiently summarizes the outline of an accord between two or more parties or agents. These resemble legal contracts, however are not legally binding. It skips the verbosity of formality and recapitulates the outline of the agreement in an organized manner.

Sample: I am writing this letter to pose my candidature for the admission to the Master’s of Commerce program at XYZ University. I have attached all the required documents herein and expect they should satisfy and exceed the specified requirement.

I am, currently, in the final year of my undergraduate studies at ABC University. I am majoring in Commerce, with Supply-Chain Management as my minor. My current GPA is X.XX, and I am in the top X% of my class. In addition, I hold a certificate of distinction for my paper on Digital Marketing and its role in Brand Image Communication, which has been published in the American Journal of Commerce and Management.

I first discovered my predilection for commerce and business during the sophomore year of my high school when I was undertaking a summer internship at a local business development agency. During my time as an intern, I had the opportunity to observe and learn a great deal about the complicate nature of business dynamics and the manner in which different segments of a business work with each other in synchrony to produce a desirable end result. This was the source of inspiration that led to me eventually choosing commerce as an undergraduate.

As an undergraduate, I studied several subjects, all of which enabled me to develop the foresight to see the nature of concepts in a global and practical manner. In order to further my prospects in the professional world, a master’s degree in therefore the invariable next step.

Considering my academic and extra-curricular accolades, I believe that I am a strong candidate, and I look forward to studying at your university. Please contact me if any further details are required.

How to Write a Statement of Intent

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