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Sample Statement of Purpose Engineering

The knowledge that was acquired so far by me through schools and colleges is pretty much  a minimum and still a long way is there for me to acquire ample knowledge. I believe in being a student until the end of my life through learning one or two from every part of my life. Since childhood, I am an enthusiast with zeal to explore everything that comes across to me. This resulted into observation for me on everything, which is helping me a lot in acquiring knowledge well at academic front all along. Definitely, knowledge pursuit is always my primary goal of my life.

I have completed my undergraduate program in mechanical engineering. There were many subjects during my completed program and among all few subjects are always my best interest such as CAD/CAM, manufacturing process, machine design, Kinematics & Dynamics and some more. My final year project was based on CAD/CAM and I had more interaction with these technologies during my project completion. This instilled a good level interest in me to turn myself as an expert with CAD/CAM. This is the reason; I am applying now for CAD/CAM engineering program in your prestigious university. The final year project offered me ample practical exposure on CAD and CAM besides ensuring sufficient knowledge on other mechanical engineering subjects. This kind of too many subjects combinations along with ample practical exposure is making me ideal candidate to pursue the chosen engineering program in Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I am concluding my essay finally with my request to consider my candidature. I am confident enough to take up the program and determined to excel at high academic front too. The chance given to me would be an opportunity to prove my skills on a right path and I will emphasize my efforts without fail to reach your expectations without fail too.

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