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professional sample statement of purpose psychologyWhat to write in statement of purpose psychology: Do not be vague and confine yourself within the boundaries of writing. Different schools have different requirements and hence their instructions for the statement of purpose psychology also vary. Keep your calm and eliminate the clutter from your desk and then begin writing. Match your program with the admission committee and let them know about your aspects.


The essence of my research revolves around studying the health of adolescents and how the adolescent substances affect their physical and mental growth.  I would also be interested in studying how such factors can be controlled, as a contribution of my professors who assisted me and ignited the zeal to continue my research further.

Right from the beginning, the health of small kids whose parents were drug addicts always caught my attention. Through my research, I realized that the mental health of their parents was chiefly responsible for their deterioration. My professor used to say, if you want to eliminate the question completely, try finding its root cause because many times there are other reasons that hinder the health of the person, which are not directly related.

The tough life of some kids is due to multiple risk factors. By recommending them drugs, for their ailments will not treat the issue completely. It’s because abuse, familial discord, and divorce hamper their health and their social interactions. His views about himself and about the world and what future holds for him also affect his health. When I was pursuing my Undergraduate research, I did a research on adolescent substance usage and found the subject to be highly interesting. Familial, peer and environmental issues were some of the basic issues that were primarily accountable for adolescent substance usage.

I would like to work for such issues transforming the lives of innocents. I would like to offer them promising life by transforming their mental health. I am highly interested in studying the associated risks, and resilience factors, the pathology associated with it, their aggression level and how society and family can contribute positively towards their health.

Now, I am interested in joining University of California, Los Angeles because the research process and methodology employed over there have the strong emphasis. The contribution of Dr. XXX piqued my notice too. The clinical program of Psychology has everything that I look into to be its future student. I am ready to achieve my career goals with whatever University of California, Los Angeles has stocked for me.

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