Sample PhD Statement of Purpose

Can a sample PhD statement of purpose help you?

qualitative phd statement of purpose sampleA PhD statement of purpose sample can give you some very good ideas as to what you should be including within your own statement. Your statement of purpose for PhD studies or statement of purpose for Masters in management need to be excellent if you want to ensure that you are selected over your competition. There will be many others after the place that you want and they will all be as well qualified as you are; your one and only chance to show them that you should be chosen is through your statement of purpose. This has to make you stand out from all of those other applicants.

Where can you find a sample PhD statement of purpose

A simple online search will turn up many different versions of a statement of purpose sample for PhD including the one you will find on our site here. As you will however see though, every sample is very different. This is because even though you will often have to follow a prompt or answer a question the content of your statement of purpose is very much about you and the PhD you are applying to study. Your SOP has to be very much personalized, just copying what you find online will never help you.

How to use a sample PhD statement of purpose

The sample PhD statement of purpose or graduate school statement of purpose sample that you see here and elsewhere on the internet will all cover particular areas that the selection committee is looking for. Use the samples to give you an idea as to what you need to write and how to cover the following areas that they are expecting to find;

  • Explain how and why you became interested in your subject area; remember this is a PhD so pitch it appropriately.
  • Show how your knowledge and interest has evolved through your studies
  • Explain your ambitions within your subject area and tie in how this PhD will help you to achieve them
  • Provide examples to demonstrate that you will have the required research skills to complete a PhD
  • Explain why you need to study at this specific institution for your PhD

Writing an outstanding PhD statement of purpose

PhD Statement of Purpose sample


You want to stand out for the right reasons, this means ensuring that your statement of purpose like our sample PhD statement of purpose does not contain any errors. This means that your writing has to be clear and concise, flow well and contain no spelling or grammar issues. Of course if you are really struggling to match the level of our sample qualitative PhD statement of purpose sample you can always contact our expert and highly qualified writers for help.


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