Public Health Statement of Purpose Example

public health graduate statement of purpose exampleSubtitle 1: The public health statement of purpose or management SoP as well should cover the reasons of interest in this sector. It should describe if you want to make it a lifetime career by dedicating yourself completely. You should also discuss your career goals in addition to holding interest in academic department. You can also write the one if you are willing to apply for doctoral program related with your research topics.

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Public health is the chief most aspects that should be given topmost priority. By bringing awareness and finding solutions of such problems, the issues can be prevented. To raise the awareness, I have embarked on the journey.

I was born and brought up in Niger Delta, Nigeria where diseases surround people the entire year. Since the streams of Niger Delta are highly polluted, the ailments cannot be avoided. People can’t do fishing due to omnipresent oil pollution. The elevated illiteracy, lack of general awareness and preventive medicine is the major cause. Nigeria has maximum HIV/AIDS infections. I adamantly want to bring changes introducing proper concepts with the help of government.

My stay in Asia has encouraged me to spread knowledge regarding Malaria and microfilaria infections. I have actively volunteered in distributing mosquito nets and repellents finding a tangible success in outcomes. My humble efforts states that changes can be introduced without any astronomical price tag. People across the world have dedicated themselves in treating this plague but our area has been widely neglected due to massive issues. It makes me sick when I watch people dying in front of me. I anticipate bringing out revolutionary change by taking assistance of NGO, nonprofit affiliations with UN and Nigerian Ministry of Health. I will think outside the world and will help in implementing effective policies.

My dedication, passion for working for the welfare of countrymen, cultural competencies and academic ability has been an asset for me. Apart from that I have a strong belief that the effect of international experiences and students program will contribute heavily to such programs.

I hope that my application gets accepted and I get financial aid with serious consideration. Today, my father is no more and was targeted by HIV/AIDS and my love for him and to other HIV patients has compelled me to contribute wholeheartedly.

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