Professional Graduate School Personal Statement Format

Graduate School Personal Statement Format

There are few documents more important than the personal statement when it comes to getting accepted to graduate school. The personal statement is one of the primary ways that a school will judge you, will get a better look at you, and it gives you a chance to stand out amidst the other applicants. You can check computer science statement of purpose examples to see how we work.

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correct Graduate School Personal Statement Format


I’ve always understood graduate school as one of the most important and valuable things I could do with my life, and everything I’ve done, from my good grades to extracurricular activities to volunteer work, have in some way been building towards my capability to do this. I hope to get accepted to your institution because I think that I have the responsibility and capability to do a great job, and also because I hope that someday I can contribute to the prestige and accomplishments of this school by doing something of my own. Writing has always been my focus, it’s what I did for fun when I was a kid, and along with reading it’s how I’ve devoted most of my time and efforts outside of school, all in the hope that one day I could build my skills to write something great myself. Part of this skill building, though, is the in depth knowledge and experience of a graduate degree, and I hope that I could get this degree from your institution. I’ve worked hard all my life to get to this point, and with your acceptance I hope to be able to work even harder in the future to get to where I want to be!

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