Perfect SOP Sample

SOP Sample

The SOP is in many ways about testing your communicative abilities as well as to see what your motivations are for seeking a degree and how capable you are of succeeding in it. With all this in mind it’s tough to discern what you should write about and how you should communicate it, and that’s what our professional SOP examples are here for. If you need to see how it’s done, what you should include, or how it should be structured, simply read one of our professionally written SOP samples and you can see all the principles in action and apply them to your own writing.

Professional SOP Sample

perfect SOP Sample


When I graduated high school there was no doubt of what I wanted to do, and I applied immediately to get an MBA in philosophy. Even at that point I was planning on going further in my education, which has lead me to apply to your graduate institution. Philosophy is for me the noblest of pursuits, to understand the complexities and workings of the world at its most elemental. My primary field of interest is in metaphysics, but I’m also profoundly intrigued by things like epistemology and ethics. I want to get a graduate degree in philosophy because I think that it’s perhaps the most important and insightful thing to be knowledgeable about, and I’m not merely content to get an average job and live out my life in tedium, I want to have the intelligence and the knowledge to question everything, to increase the worlds understanding of itself and further what we can discern about the things around us. With the degree that I would get from your institution I would like to move to the frontiers of this understanding, and contribute meaningfully to it myself.

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