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academic statement of purpose exampleSome graduate schools have specific profile requirements necessary for successful applications to specific courses or courses that have a specialized objective. Appropriate homework should thus be done to meet the graduate program specific details. A good statement of academic purpose sample will be concise, contain research or project-work details, career goals and the reasons for choosing the particular school or course.

Sample: I remember when I was younger, and the Internet was still new. It was amazing and seemingly magical to see how this one technology would over the years change the way that the entire world ran. The Internet, it will not be an exaggeration to say so, became a necessity and the backbone of our social framework.

My father displaced himself from the People’s Republic of China and moved to Indonesia to start a new industrial venture in farmed goods. I was six. In order to keep in touch with my father, I learnt how to use the Internet to be able to keep in touch with, and in the process of doing so I developed a deep interest in computer science.

I would often visit my father and there I saw how computer science had truly revolutionized the way the industries work, this only increased my interest in the field. I started self-studying and developed certain skills which not only helped me but my community as well through the several social welfare projects that I undertook over the years.

I now live in the United Kingdom, and as a student of computer science I see on a daily basis how information technology and computers are changing and revolutionizing the world every passing moment one step at a time. At the university, I find it enthralling to work with brilliant minds, both my teacher and supervisors, and my peers, in the field of computer science. I learn new things at an extremely fast rate, and I have realized that I have only just begun to explore my potential and that which is held by my field of study.

Taking into consideration my personal experiences, interests and goals, working in the information technology industry is the obvious next step for me. And a master’s degree will enable me to develop the required skills to perform at a desirable industry level. It is for this reason that my desire, now, is to pursue a masters degree program at your university.

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