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The statement of purpose is all about convincing the institution to which you’re applying that you’re the ideal candidate, that you’re suited for success in their environment and motivated by the right things. There’s no easier way to lose the confidence of an institution and bring down the quality of your statement of purpose than making a formatting mistake, than structuring it improperly or not presenting it in the way that they expect. A great way to learn is with a statement of purpose format template, and our professional service has a whole range of them to show you everything that you need to know about format for statement of purpose.

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Professional Statement of Purpose Sample

correct Statement of Purpose Format

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I’ve always wanted to be a trumpet player in an orchestra, and I’ve worked my whole life to accomplish this. Music is by far the most profound interest of mine, there’s nothing that can grip people more, that can immerse them in an experience and affect them in the way that a piece of music can. I’ve had a hobby of writing music for a long time, but my skill has always been with the trumpet. I’ve been taking lessons since I was just five, and I’ve always excelled at it, but I’ve never done this out of a sense of duty, but because I think it’s a beautiful instrument. It’s the trumpet that often gives heart to an orchestra, that brings thunder and rounds out the triumphant sounds that the conductor is looking for. For me there’s nothing that bring more passion to the orchestra, and I would one day like to be a professional trumpet player to accomplish this. I’m applying to your music school because I think it’s a meaningful step on my road to doing this, and I can assure you that no one will work harder to become better than myself.

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