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sample graduate statement of purpose for medical schoolSubtitle 1: What an impressive medical school personal statement sample should look like? The sample for any major, including personal statement veterinary, should sound interesting to the reader while the narrator writes his personal achievements. He should be able to present his strengths and weaknesses through his academics and real life experiences. Citing valuable opinions of various people associated with him will be an asset, this could also be applicable for your statement of purpose economics.


In 2006, my grandfather was diagnosed with small tumor and this devastating news shattered my family completely. The erratic treatment plans by the oncologists could do no good. Chemotherapy and clinical trials failed and one day he left us. I am not questioning the potentials of the oncologists because doctors they always supported us with everything they could do.

On joining the college it was my passion to get cure for cancer and I joined the team of Cancer Research Team because helping people in need were something I could not avoid. As my research process progressed, I missed one thing or the other. Sometimes the research atmosphere and sometimes human interaction and one day while volunteering in the emergency room in Seattle Grace Hospital, I realized that I have to become an oncologist and nothing else.

I worked with the concierge team and saw people in miserable state. The trusts of the patients in the strengthened my faith further.

As a doctor, by offering preventive care measures, I have always help unprivileged ones.  It would be my endeavor to help the less fortunate ones so that they can also live a successful life. By educating them with preventive measures I think, I can do lot more for the community.

With all my studies and experiences, I have come to a conclusion that curing cancer is not an individual’s job but is the combined efforts of all ranging from the lab tests staff, medications, practitioners support and the support of the patient.

In some cases, a complete cure might be difficult but a positive hope can save many lives encouraging them live life at peak. I am sure, my positive approach of serving the humanity has justified my dedication for pursuing my studies for Cancer Research Program and Mayo Medical School will definitely consider my application for the same.

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