MBA Statement of Purpose: Funny Statement of Purpose Jokes Can Help

funny statement of purpose jokes

Statement of purpose is an important document, which you need to submit when you want to get admission in any college or university. Statement of purpose sample is considered the most important document in your admission process, as it is used as a tool to differentiate the abilities of the candidates, who are coming from same educational background. With statement of purpose, your application will be considered as incomplete. You have to tell the admission committee about your personality and interests.

You can explain here if your CV needs some explanation. Moreover, you express that why you are interested in this degree and what are your future goals. So, this is very important document and you have to write it very carefully. To write it in unique way, you can write statement of purpose jokes as well.


Tips to Write Statement of Purpose

No matter you are writing a humorous statement of purpose or otherwise, it’s important to write it properly. Here are a few tips which can help you in writing statement of purpose:

  • The first thing is to plan your statement of purpose. Write a proper outline and brainstorm all your positive qualities. It will help you to include all important points.
  • Make sure you don’t repeat your CV particulars. Yes, if there is something which needs to be explained, you can explain in statement of purpose.
  • Don’t write a long one. One page or one and half page is enough. No one is interested in long statements.
  • If you can write a funny statement of purpose for MBA, that will be a big plus. Usually, people don’t o for the funny ones and if you do you can leave your unique impression, which is very important.
  • Don’t forget to edit and proofread your statement of purpose. It’s very important to remove mistakes.

Check Our Statement of Purpose Jokes

We have a collection of masters degree jokes and statement of purpose jokes, which you can use in your personal statement. We have appropriate jokes, which will give a unique funny touch to your personal statement and you will be able to stand out from the crowd. Make sure that the jokes are relevant and clean, and they give a good impression of your personality.

Advice from the Expert

Here are a few expert pieces of advice for you, which will help in writing statement of purpose.

  • Start writing statement of purpose, well before time. If you leave it for last minute, you will not be able to write it properly and lose your chance to get admission.
  • Get advice from your seniors, ask them to help you in proofreading. A third person can catch the mistakes in a better way.
  • If you are planning to write statement of intent jokes, plan them carefully. Keep in mind, you are writing a formal document, so jokes should be according to that.

Funny Stories and Mistakes about Statement of Purpose

When we talk about university admission jokes it can be something like this:

“One student asked the other student: How much easier is it to get admission in this college?

The other one replied: “as much as turning the active voice sentence into passive voice while writing SoP”

Similarly, when talking about the achievements, you can tell master’s degree jokes like:

Achievement: nominated for the prom queen

If you want to write the funniest statement of purpose ever, make sure you don’t tell a joke in the introduction. The best part to tell the joke is, when you try to convince the admission committee for your selection and in the conclusion.

When we talk about the funny statement of purpose mistakes, the mistake is to tell the joke at the wrong place, like in the introduction. Avoid telling the joke, about a person or the admission committee. Similarly, don’t make fun of the institution you are applying to.

check funny statement of purpose mistakes

Dos and Don’ts of Using Jokes

Here are some don’t and dos, if you want to write a funny statement of purpose:


  • Use jokes, when you talk about your personality and achievements.
  • Use them when you are talking about your selection and in conclusion.
  • Use clean jokes, which have a literary touch.


  • Don’t use jokes in the introduction.
  • Don’t use jokes about the institution or any other person.
  • Don’t use rough language even in jokes.

 Share our statement of purpose jokes with your friends. They will get to know the funny side of your personality. Share them now!

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