Law School Statement of Purpose Examples

law school graduate statement of purpose sampleHow to write law school statement of purpose examples? It requires lots of endeavors to write a perfect piece of statements. After reading several personal statements, you should extract the gist and then form your own personal statement by describing your academics and professional experiences. You should also mention the factors that inclined you to opt for law school, same goes to writing finance sop.


Since, my childhood, I was never complacent with the knowledge I possessed and always looked for resources to content my lust.  I had some goals to achieve and my experiences shaped it impeccably. Entering into the field of personal education was neither a terminal accomplishment nor a quench for degree for me. Actually, my focus was always on stretching my mindset in various directions and developing my personality intellectually and professionally attaining my academic goals with poise and enthusiasm.

I was chosen as a representative of “Arizona First” town hall meeting. The conference was focused on economic growth and prosperity of Arizona. There I met majority of lawyers and came face to face with idealism. When the stormy debates and argumentations begun, lawyers were balancing the most difficult situations and dilemmas in most proficient ways interacting with each other. As I was watching them, I imagined myself on their place thinking what I would have done in that situation. That time, the desire to become lawyer sparked in me.

During my college, I grilled myself academically. I paid a great focus on studying accounting and finance. These tools have been a great asset for me and help me to look at the situation from various angles. I worked as an assistant for a professor. I taught to students who were willing to take special assistance. I felt ecstatic for the first time when students were happy with my endeavors.

My experience that was imbibed with convincing skills opened doors for me. My personal endeavors and deliberate focus then turned my focus deliberately towards the law school. Today, I want to grow myself further gaining more exposure in academics attaining professional and intellectual goals.  I want to pursue them with unfaltering determination and enthusiasm. I have a strong belief that my qualities will bring me into limelight of selection committee and they will offer a chance to me in getting admission in the Vermont Law School.

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Use our law school statement of purpose examples to get some inspiration and start writing!

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