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sample statement of purpose for computer scienceA statement of purpose has to accomplish many different things, and the most important is to inform the institution about yourself while maintaining their interest and trying to catch their eye. It can be very challenging to figure out what to include and how to go about communicating it, but that’s where a sample statement of purpose computer science can be helpful. If you need to write a statement to get into computer science then you need to be able to elucidate clearly what you want to get out of it and what has shaped this goal of yours, and we’ve got a perfect computer science statement of purpose examples to help you do this! Or look at this public health statement of purpose.

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A lot of people look at computer science as something tedious, but actually, it’s one of the most fascinating and interesting things that there is. Life itself is quite complicated, but computer science is the recreation of it, artificial existence that we can shape and build to our pleasing, the limits of it are only our limits, and our understanding can go as far as we wish. I’ve always gotten great grades, especially in my mathematics and science classes, and that’s because these are things that I find truly fascinating, that I think help one understand the intricacies of life itself through recreation. I would like to get a degree in computer science not just because it’s the field that I wish to have a career in, but because I think it’s the best way for me to expand my frontiers and learn as much as possible. Mathematics and science are what I’m good at, they’re measured, defined, and clear in ways that so many other things aren’t, and my understanding of this allows me to do computer science tasks and other tasks like it in a methodical and successful way.

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