Doctoral Statement of Purpose Sample

doctoral statement of purpose sampleContent Description: Your doctoral statement of purpose should answer basic questions such as why do you wish to choose the particular areas of research, why do would you like to attend this university, what is your research project, how will this program help you, how will this program help the university, how will the university benefit from you and what are the benefits of your work amongst several other questions. Check our post on best PhD admission services 2019 that can help you.

Sample: I come from a tribal family that lives in remote mountainous areas of Aravali Hills. Through the initiative programs of the government of India I managed to get secondary and senior secondary education, it was not easy. Lack of infrastructure and resources made simply going to school a herculean 20 kilometers tread each day. Upon the completion of the senior secondary education, I thus decided to become a civil engineer and worked extremely hard to get into a university, which was not easy considering my family background.

At the university, I found that had a natural penchant for applied mathematics, physics and that I had a creative imagination. All of this enabled me to subsequently sail through the core civil engineering subjects such as the design and analysis of re-enforced concrete columns, structural engineering and design, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, load bearing designs, design of beams, material engineering amongst others. I worked really hard and passed with a first class honors degree and a 73% upon the completion of my degree. I consequently pursued my masters degree in highway engineering and worked on recycled load bearing RCC structures for the hybrid concrete roads as my thesis project.

Consequently, I worked as a site engineer for a leading highways and bridges construction company, and have been working with them for a little over 4 years now. I am now working in the capacity of a junior project manager that I am told by my senior supervisors is highly impressive considering my age and my rural background. I convinced my company to fund, as a charitable tax deduction, the construction of a connecting road to my home village. My village is now connected to the main regional city, and children, unlike me, don’t have to tread mountains to go to school anymore.

My desire, now, is to pursue a PhD in cavitations reduction in TCM mix for increased strength RCC structures at your university. Through the tremendous human and material resources available at your university, I believe that I can accomplish success in my work. I can assure you that I will work to the best of my capacity given the opportunity to be a part of your university.

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