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college statement of purpose sampleIs it an intimidating task writing college statement of purpose examples? To write an award-winning essay, you need to follow the step by step guidelines that are highly useful part of essay process. For some, these college statements of purpose examples are part of the application process too. Indeed, it is really challenging to write statement of purpose, especially if it is statement of purpose mathematics.


Here I will be writing a candid description about myself in terms of my assets, liabilities, inbuilt qualities and qualities developed over a period of time. I will be describing here how these qualities affected my work and their significance in making my achievement successful. Some of my friends call me a subtle, diverse, professional, intelligent and energetic person and its all due to the diverse experience that I possess.

My Engineering degree developed analytical as well as designing skills that were most intricate part of my calculations. I have been working with a firm ERP System at Biotech since last five years. The experience at this place transformed my life to a great extent.

The software up gradation project handled by me at AnMTech Systems Pvt Ltd in 2012 was one of my biggest achievements where I worked as Associate Intern. The touch with latest software package enhanced my knowledge impeccably. Many times I had to face the issues with the training sessions, long working hours, leaving of training personnel, etc., but my personal traits never deterred me. To meet my management’s expectations, I had dedicated myself up to 65 hours on some occasions. Though the advantages were not reflected immediately, my client acknowledged it after a few months.

I have a strong belief that none of the negotiable standards and services keep you stress-free and you perform your work with complete dedication improving your productivity.

All the projects that I handled not only developed my confidence but brought good for the company too. The proactive approach of taking the initiatives while playing the role of leadership assisted me a lot in motivating the people. I strongly feel that my people like me as a manager as I was able to figure out their issues very well dealing effectively enhancing overall culture of the company. My experience at various companies and the ability to pull off the tasks was a great get going for me.

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