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statement of purpose physics sampleContent Description: The best statement of purpose physics should focus on your background with physics, and your ease with the subject matter given the intense nature of the field of study. It should be concise, and clear, yet informative with a description of your future goals and aspirations.

Sample: When I was ten years old, we were taught in the physics laboratory in school how to use a simple device to setup a famous physics experiment. It was the Faraday’s experiment that illustrated the electromagnetism of metal coils and the electromagnetic fields around the wound metal coils. My desire to study physics was born, and I never looked back.

As a child I did not have a complete understanding of either physic’s concepts or the concepts that worked in the shadows behind the simple electronic components that were ordinary to us. I did not know the theory behind semiconductors, transistors, resistors, LEDs or even batteries for that matter. But I did have a working understanding of how they were to be used. I would experiment and work with school projects though which I simply increased my knowledge and understanding of the physical world.

At PQR University, I chose physics as the major area of my study during my bachelor’s of science, and chemistry as the sub-major area of study. I studied subjects such as History of Physics, Electromagnetic Theory, Newtonian Physics, Computer Science, Statistics and Sampling, Numerical Methods amongst several others. During my bachelors I work on a thin film nano material project with Professor LMN OPQ at the Applied Physics and Sciences Laboratory of my university.

I am now in the final year of my bachelor’s degree in science, my current GPA is 7.89 on a 10 point scale and I have secured a first class honors with merit. I assist professor LMN PQR with his work on the solid state condense matter experiments and I work as a teaching assistant for physics 101 and 102 courses with first year undergraduates.

I wish to obtain my master’s degree in science in experimental physics and I would like my career to eventually be directed towards a PhD and research work intensive occupations eventually. I believe that through an education at your prestigious university I can achieve my future objectives and shall therefore be honored if given the opportunity to be at your institution.

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