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Graduate Statement of Purpose Example

public health graduate statement of purpose exampleThere are many things that you have to keep in mind when you’re formulating your statement of purpose. You want to grow on the rest of your application, give them further insight into what you can do and what you’re capable of. Accomplishing this in a way that is concise, effective, and persuasive is not easy, butt there are ways that you can figure out how to do it more easily. That’s what a graduate statement of purpose example can do for you, it can provide you with a template to see how to get it done. If you’re working on a public health SOP, you can take advantage of a public health statement of purpose grad school example like the one below.

Professional Public Health Statement of Purpose Sample

As soon as human beings began congregating into cities, there were certainly issues of public health. It was public health problems that lead to things like the black plague, and to many of the problems that have troubled modern civilization. Public health interests me so much because it’s perhaps the most widespread and applicable of the fields of health. Being a doctor or a nurse allows you to help people individually, but being a public health expert allows you to understand and help people as a whole, understanding what is good and bad for them, what conditions are optimal or necessary, and what can be damaging. This is the area that allows you to help the most people, and it also allows you to work in various different areas of expertise, not just medicinal but things like urban planning and more. I’ve always enjoyed areas of study that allow you to cross over to various different fields of expertise and learn different things, and that’s what public health allows you to do. With a graduate degree in public health I would like to be able to truly help people and bring change to the country that I live in, make people aware, and improve the general health of the country.

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