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Statement of Purpose for Scholarship Sample

graduate school statement of purpose sample for scholarshipGetting a scholarship these days is a huge challenge, considering the great competition that you often have to face against other top notch students, so you have to find a way to get ahead of this competition. One of the best ways to do this is with the statement of purpose. The great sample statement of purpose allows you to flesh out your application, show that you’re about more than just academic experiences, but that you’re a person with skills and a journey. Figuring out how to do this with the little space that you have is tough, but a scholarship law school statement of purpose sample can be tremendously useful, and that’s what we’ve provided for you.

Professional Graduate School Statement of Purpose Sample

My parents were always blue collar, hard working people, and it was their dream that I would attend college. I got my undergraduate degree with good grades, and just recently I decided to move on to the next level and try and get a graduate degree. They instilled in me a dedication not just towards the goals of the journey but the journey itself, that it’s crucial to put all that you have into everything regardless of what you might get out of it. This is my reason for wanting to get a graduate degree, it’s for the learning. I’ve always admired academics, the people that are at the edge of human knowledge, that understand and know things that few others do, and it’s the knowledge that I want more than anything else. I’m on my own now, of course, and a scholarship from your institution would allow me to follow this dream and to make my parents proud. They taught me that you do nothing without a little help, I never could have gotten my undergraduate degree without them, and without a scholarship I likely won’t be able to get my graduate degree, but I also believe that over time the work will pay off, the results will show, and I’ll be able to accomplish my goals.

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