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Biology Statement of Purpose

biology statement of purpose graduate school samplesWriting a statement of purpose is about being able to communicate passion, more than anything. Schools already know how you’ve done in the past, what your experience is, etc. They want to know in the statement of purpose what makes this work or study special for you, and why you think you will succeed in the future.

This is what you need to accomplish in your SOP, and it’s what we’ve tried to focus on with our statement of purpose graduate school samples. With the help of our samples you can get an idea of what is expected and what to focus on, and we’ve got statement of purpose examples for Biology as well, including the one below.

Statement of Purpose Sample for Biology

Getting into graduate school has always been my dream for numerous reasons. I wanted to be at the frontiers of academia, the place where we are truly expanding our knowledge and understanding of the universe and of ourselves. There is nothing more valuable to me than this, than learning about how things work, and hopefully being one of the people who helps other learn this as well. The sciences are my passion, largely because of the fact that these are the truths that broaden our knowledge more than anything, that help us understand our place and why we’re here. I want a graduate degree not because I want something tangible, but because of what the degree itself gets you, which is a level of knowledge and understanding of the complexities and beauties of the world that is available to few people. In the modern age there’s more information available to us than ever, as well as more tools and power and technology to get more information, and I believe that it’s the duty of any citizen who wishes to live a meaningful life to take advantage of these tools and information for the sake of humanity.  I want to be someone who does something meaningful, and this begins with myself, by filling up with useful and powerful knowledge that so few others get to enjoy, and this is what I will truly take advantage of with a graduate degree.

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