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Architecture Statement of Purpose

architecture grad school statement of purpose sampleWith the statement of purpose you face numerous different challenges that can be difficult to overcome. For one thing it’s not at all about listing accomplishments, that’s what the application is for, the statement of purpose is to develop a voice, to present them with an image of yourself that they can use to flesh you out and put a name to a face. The problem is the limited space that you have to work with. A grad school statement of purpose sample can be highly effective in showing you how to maximize this space, as well as to properly use formatting, grammar, and other things of this nature. There’s no better place to go for an architecture statement of purpose for graduate school sample than our service!

Architecture Grad School Statement of Purpose Sample

Architecture is something that has fascinated me profoundly for as long as I can remember. When I was young my family took a trip to Europe, and the Gothic cathedrals were mesmerizing to me: the find lines, the twisting shapes, and the sheer grandiosity of it all. Later I developed a different taste, a minimalistic taste, one for the basic function of things, in a Frank Lloyd Wright fashion. Now my preference and forte in architecture is a bit of a mixture of the two, minimal artistic flourishes and an eye for the particular, as well as a strong aesthetic streak, to get the most out of this minimalism and create something that is simple but beautiful. The best thing about architecture, for me, is the sheer complexity and beauty of it all, and the fact that it brings together so many disciplines. You must know mathematics, geometry, aspects of the sciences for materials, and finally there’s all the architectural design work that you need to be familiar with. It’s all so wondrously complex for something that is as old as man himself. With a graduate degree in architecture I would like to construct buildings that maximize utility and beauty and that bring joy to those that see them as well as those that inhabit them.

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