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Statement of Purpose Sample

The statement of purpose is something that often brings a huge amount of stress and responsibility, not just because of how important it is, but figuring out what you want to write about. That’s where statement of purpose samples can be quite helpful. With well written samples statement of purpose you can see in action what to include, what to focus on, what these institutions are looking for and how to present yourself. Everything from content to formatting, you can learn from a good statement of purpose samples, and our professional online service has a whole range of statements of purpose samples for you!

Professional Statement of Purpose Sample

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My greatest interest has always been in literature. I’ve been reading voraciously for nearly my entire life, and I’ve hoped one day to be a writer as well, and that’s why I’m applying to your institution. Writing is something that I think you get good at not just through skill, but through time and experience, the more you know and the more life experience you have the more you can draw from in your own writing, and that’s why I think a degree in English would be so valuable. I’m not applying for some sort of status, so that I can get a degree and ultimately get a job and a certain salary. I’m applying because I truly love literature, writing, and reading, and I think that the next step of my learning process is to learn from a higher institution, one that can open up my mind to new things and help me to new understandings. I’m dedicated to doing all the work and more because it’s an experience and it’s knowledge that I truly value above the simple and immediate results that most students probably crave.

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