Best Statement of Interest University Sample

statement of interest university sampleContent Description: The statement of interest university file should be a good reflection of your overall personality, the reason for choosing the course or program. Wheather it university or college statement of purpose, it should also include your past experience and interests, your social and community services background, your communication skills, your leadership skills and important things or events that transpired in your life.

Sample: Diligence, perseverance and hard work are my core values. With a never say never attitude, I work with a strong mindset in knowledge acquisition and research ever since my school days. Questions about the complicated nature of the organic and inorganic worlds have plagued my spirit ever since I can remember. It amazes me that DNA, RNA and every other protein molecule in fundamentally comprised of inorganic and dead elements, and yet they produce life. With a desire to find answers to questions that riddle me I worked hard to excel.

The intense research and development work being carried in the field of bioinformatics and computational biology have led me to choose this as my field of study and work. Projects such as the human genome project that promise the revelation of the hidden secrets humanity and the human conditions inspire me to work hard and harder to garner the skills to be able to contribute to this very noble cause of discovery.

Reading journals like Nature, Science, Scientific American, Advanced Bioinformatics, Photochemistry et cetera inspire me and charge me to venture further into this field of discovery which is a relatively novel and in which there is still much to be learnt. Mathematical modeling, statistical analysis and developments of new software and hardware technologies have exponentially increased the prospects of discovery in this field. A mere throw of a pebble in the vast ocean of undiscovered facts renders a new insight into the Mother Nature’s complicated and abstruse ways.

I feel that being able to pursue my bachelor’s degree in science with bioinformatics as my major and computational biology as my minor will enable me to develop the knowledge base and skills required for excelling in my field. I bring with me a peerless zest to work and to work hard to the point of achievement of my objectives. Through your programs and resources, I believe I can shine. I therefore beseech you to allow me to burnish my skills at your university.

The above provided statement of interest university sample is focused on a prospective application to an undergraduate program in bioinformatics. Several years of skillful experience has enabled our professional writers to draft the right format for a statement of purpose university letters for you. We can furnish the right letter for you, suited to match your requirements about sop for mba.

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