Best Statement of Interest for a Job Sample

statement of interest for a job sampleContent Description: A good sample statement of interest for a job should contain the right, useful and necessary information with the objective of clarifying with vividness to the prospective employer the reasons why the particular company is of your interest and why and how your profile (with your specific skills, knowledge and experience) will be of use to the company. In addition, contact and follow up information should also be provided.


Your First Name, Last Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code, Country
Your Phone Number(s)
Your Email(s)
Your Fax(s)
Date when the letter was drafted (DD/MM/YYYY)
Name of Employer/Person Responsible
Their Job Title
Their Company
Their Street
Their City, State, Zip Code
Subject: (Subject in bold, subject matter line underlined (not bold))

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

I am writing this letter in regard to the article/job posting/online advertisement/company website listing/notice number/public announcement number (et cetera) listen on the SOURCE WHERE YOU FOUND THE POSITION on the DATE (DD/MM/YYYY). It brings m great honor to write this letter to put myself forth as a prospective candidate. My skills, experience and profile match perfectly with the requirements listed in the prospective job description.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Mahatma Gandhi National University, I majored in business and my sub-major area of study was management, my GPA was 7.67 on a 10-point scale and I was a first class honor student. I have also a master’s degree in management from Indira Gandhi National University that I passed with meritorious distinction.

I have presently been working at the State Bank of India for 8 years now in the capacity of an Assistant Branch Manager to the Branch Secretary. My current responsibilities include: motivate and encourage staff to keep the branch offices working in a smooth and efficient manner, first point of contact for the brass managerial teams and agents, implementation and execution of company policies and regulation on a daily basis, client/consumer grievances if not resolved by first point of contact company representatives, marketing and acquisition of new assets and business opportunities.

Through a professionally acquired set of skills and experience, I have learnt how to develop manners so as to bring collaborative functioning between departments to a desirable point of efficiency.  I can now efficiently deal with technical issues, client issues, bureaucratic and administrative issues, inter-personnel and inter-personal issues and policy issues. I have the skills to increase the work output of the office and produce good quality end results.

My enclosed resume will furnish an in-depth insight into my complete profile. I would greatly appreciate an opportunity for an interview to better explain my candidature. I can be reached by email at: email address, or by telephone at: phone number(s).

I thank you for your precious time and regard and hope to receive a favorable response soon.


Your Name, Last Name

Signature (Only if hard copy is being sent)

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