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Content of Best Statement of Goals Examples:

statement of goals exampleA statement of goals should present an informative summarization of your academic and professional background, the particulars interests that you harbor, future aspirations and goals and a strong reason due to which the person being addressed should choose you over other candidates.

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Samples: I am writing to apply for the masters of business administration course at your university, and it bring me honor to apply to your esteemed institution.

I am currently working in Standard & Poor since 3 years in the capacity of a market research analyst, and I hold a degree in Bachelor’s of Finance with a GPA of 3.2/4.0 from the University of Pennsylvania. At Standard & Poor the responsibilities that envisage my job description include:

  • Communication with clients and understanding their requirements
  • Drafting of analysis plans and acquiring client validation
  • Development of questionnaires and pre formats to collect data and information
  • Direct comprehensive analysis and reviews to advance practices

Since the commencement of my time here at Standard & Poor’s New York office, I have been promoted twice which is unprecedented in the company history. I have successfully managed the acquisition of over 12 new projects, development of 5 new assets and have contributed to a 3% increase in the profits generated by my department.

My professional objective now is to get a master’s of business administration degree from ABC University. During my time working as a market research analysts, it gradually became evident to me that even though I could perform to the best of my capacity, my capacity is simply not at a certain level that what I aspire to. Through an exposure to numerous global entities and clients, I have come to the realization of the importance of a master degree in business administration from your prestigious institution. It is fairly evident that in order for me to launch my professional standing to a new high, an MBA in the indubitable next step.

At ABC University, during the pursuit of my MBA, I would like to focus on Finance as the center of my studies as this is where the core of my interests and professional aspirations lays. My skills, which have been underpinned through my experience at Standard & Poor makes me privy to what it takes to excel under pressure of work and performance. I am fairly certain that I will be a true asset to your program, and that I can shine further through an education at your university.

I am certain that my profile is strong, and competitive, and I look forward to being a part of your institution.

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