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Content of Personal Statement for Graduate School Examples:

personal statement graduates school sampleIn a graduate school statement of purpose, the candidates should describe their special preparation and fitness level pertaining to the field of study. A perfect correlation of academic studies with extracurricular activities should be focussed. They should mention the inconsistencies in academic records in a positive manner.

Sample: Few years ago, when I was returning from Brazil wetland, the burning forests on one side and seed planting on the other side grabbed my attention. The huge forest got destroyed and all efforts of government turned into vain.  That day, I decided to study Environmental Science so that I can maintain a balance between economic concerns and our environment. The glaze of fire assimilated countless rare species thriving over there.

My two subjects Conservation of Underdeveloped Countries and Environmental Impact Analysis charmed me. In the first one I developed a deeper understanding of natural resource management in countries in developing stage while in the second one I learned their outcomes in terms of flow diagrams and their impact of ecology and preservation of old grown forests.

Theories of Growth and Development and Policies for Economic Development were the two classes that I have attended and got benefitted. It taught me standard economic realization in regards of environmental concerns.

I also have interest in Geographical Information System and I began my internship for National Park Service. There I learnt ARC/INFO which helped me in many constructive projects.

In future, I am interested in studying social and economic factors which leave a high impact on environmental policy formation.

Once, I will complete my masters program, I plan to pursue Ph. D in natural resource management. After completing my degree, I can have a secure teaching career. I can also become an advisor dealing with issues like natural resource management issues. Teaching profession will act as a two way channel, where I would learn enormous through the interactions by the students. My GIS knowledge will help me with a great deal of crucial information. My work with NPS will assist me with latest techniques exploring the reasons of clashes between resource management and Environmental Studies. Finally, I will find out various ways of environmental development preventing the burning of ecosystems took place in Pantanal Wetland.

I hope I have justified myself well and my application for the graduate school will be accepted favourably.

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